Why work with us?

Our hybrid model brings the best of agency expertise and freelance flexibility together.

We offer all the benefits of both, without any of the hassles. In contrast to freelancers, where you get one person with one skillset, we offer you a full marketing team, by the hour, with a broad range of skills – who are there when you need them. And, unlike traditional marketing agencies, we won’t lock you into a contract or charge prohibitive fees.

Flexibility is just one of the many reasons that businesses in the UK choose us as their digital marketing partner.

Get access to a team of marketing specialists from just £175 per month

Your dedicated account manager will implement your vision, along with support from our in-house marketing team. That includes graphic designers, content writers, web developers, paid ads specialists, and video editors.

Digital marketing strategies tailored to your business objectives

In addition to a dedicated Account Manager, you get direct access to a Digital Strategist who will get to know your business inside-out and make sure that all marketing efforts are in line with your big picture.

No freelancers. Only highly trained, full-time employees

Why work with lots of different freelancers? Your outsourced marketing manager has full access to our team of experts in fields like SEO, PPC, Design and website optimization. All under one simple package and price.

Full transparency in how your package hours are spent

All staff members track their time using an app called Harvest. Each week you will receive a time report from your Account Manager so that you can see exactly where your marketing money is going, task by task.

100% money back guarantee – and instant cancellation in month one

We believe in freedom. Contracts that lock you in are outdated and not in your best interests. That’s why we offer instant cancellation in the first month with a full refund. We give you the freedom to test our service without committing.

30-day notice from month two onwards

Need to rapidly scale your marketing for a short period or not sure if you’ll be able to commit to a long-term contract? With our flexible terms, you can increase or decrease the hours in your package according to your needs.

Over fifty 5-star reviews on Google

The proof is in the pudding. In this case, the pudding is a bunch of sweet clients whose kind words endorsing our services are on Google for the world to see. They are business owners just like you – see what they had to say.

The fastest growing agency in the UK for small businesses

Our rapid growth in the last few years is evidence of the value that we’re bringing to small business owners. We are an agency with a passion for entrepreneurship who understands the constraints faced by small businesses and what they need to grow.

What People Say About Us

“We were wasting so much money on marketing until we started working with Prime Pixels. They have been the single most important addition to our team in the last 2 years and are solely responsible for our tremendous growth online.”

Neil Finne

Founder, Corkscrew

Our quality standards are guaranteed by our brand promises

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